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Free Battles spread across hostile zones, players must work as a team for surviving
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The world is divided into two groups: the super-rich and the rest. The former have accumulated almost all the wealth in the world and have their own army called Blackwood to protect their interests. On the other hand, a retired general known as Warface heads the resistance against Blackwood and their patrons. In this game, you are a new recruit of the Warface army to fight against Blackwood.

The game is full of action. First, you need to create your character by choosing a face. Please note that once you have chosen, you won't be able to modify it, so choose wisely. Then, you will be trained in the different functions of the game. Unless you are familiar with the game, it is advisable that you follow the training. Then, you will be sent on a mission to fight against the Blackwood army. The graphics and sounds are very good and realistic. You will feel as if you were on a real battlefield.

Please note that the game is resource-intensive, so it would be better if you have a good graphics card and a fast processor.

The only disadvantages I found were that the installation file needs to download extra files to complete the process, This can last up to one hour or more, depending on your Internet connection speed. Also, it will be better if you have a joystick to play since it is difficult to do so using the keyboard.

These drawbacks aside, this game is absolutely free to download and play. If you love first-person shooters, then you will love this one.

VH Senior editor
Victor Hernandez
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  • The game is free to download and play
  • It has very good graphics and sounds


  • The installation file needs to download additional files, which are rather big. These may take up to an hour or more to download
  • It is difficult to play using the keyboard


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